Christoffer’s Toyota Mark-X Project

Car modification is a form of creation of car owners, in order to be different from other cars in general. The concept of car modification of each person is certainly different. Some like elegant, sporty, JDM-look, thai-look, or even inspired by a movie.

Christoffer Gunawan, the owner of Toyota Mark-X, it’s original black metalic paint with elegant-looking, totally transformed into a sporty-look and even very extraordinary. Take a look at this car, it is truly remarkable! On the whole body panels and windows coated in 3D StarWars stickers.

Chris said that the concept of the modification was inspired by StarWars. He likes StarWars, that’s why he took the concept of 3D Lego StarWars stickers. The process of installing 3D stickers isn’t easy, it takes patience and extra-care.

First of all, the car’s original paint repaint into a white cream color, then start the installation of the stickers. Stickers that are used are two layers plus one image layer. Chris says that since the beginning of the installation until now has been almost takes 1 month.

What would it be like when it’s all finished? Curious? Easy, because Speedbase will have the opportunity to do a photoshoot with this Mark-X. So stay tuned!

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